Portable AllDup

Track file duplicates and free up storage space with this portable application, which comes packed with many customizable search options

Portable AllDup is an intuitive file management application that comes packed with a powerful search engine for helping you find and remove file duplicates.

Since this is the portable version of the program, you can copy it on any USB flash drive or any other devices, and take it with you whenever you want to scan a computer for file duplicates. Plus, it doesn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry.

It sports a clean and straightforward interface that offers direct access to many customizable search options. The application simplifies the entire selection process by displaying the folders and hard drive partitions stored on your computer directly in the primary panel.

The search process can be carried out in terms of name, extension, size, content, last modified date, attributes and creation date. Furthermore, you can exclude characters and time stamps, ID3 tags of MP3 files, EXIF information of JPEGs, as well as compare a data block at the end of the file.

Portable AllDup bundles more search parameters that enable the application to show file attributes, the owner name and hard link at the end of the task, scan the contents of ZIP and RAR archives, ignore 0-byte folders, exclude files by size, as well as set up user-defined file and folder filters.

Other useful features that are worth mentioning are: a preview panel which comes in handy if you want to analyze two items, and a log which contains details about the entire search process and possible errors.

During our testing we have noticed that the scanning process doesn’t take too much time, and the results are rendered in a dedicated panel which offers a lot of configuration settings to tinker with. Compared to the primary window, this one seems overwhelming and crowded at a first glance.

Nevertheless, you can rely on the small tooltips to give you details about each dedicated parameter. The search results can be exported to plain text or CSV or printed, and you can also group them by file name without extension, path, duplicate number, size and last modified date.

In conclusion, Portable AllDup comprises many useful features for helping your perform searches for duplicate files by different criteria.

Portable AllDup